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Why I Live in Fresno

In February of 1988, when I got a call asking me to interview for a job in the creative writing program at Fresno State, I could not have found Fresno on a map. If pressed, I would probably have placed it somewhere north of San Francisco, maybe in Napa Valley.

My ignorance of the city and its surroundings was almost total. Having grown up in a cotton-producing region — the Mississippi Delta — I nevertheless had no idea that Central Valley cotton growers were partly responsible for the demise of King Cotton as the Delta’s principal crop.

Fresno County


A Place for everyone, diverse in many ways

Fresno County is, in one word, diverse — in everything from its agriculture (all 350 different crops) to its population, which is one of the most culturally mixed in the state.


Old Armenian Town:
A living culture


Chaffee Zoo:
Entertains, educates

Madera County


A haven for good food, wine, artists

Madera County is what you’d expect from a place sitting in the geographic center of California — fertile crop lands (some of the richest in the world, exporting produce to more than 50 countries) and art-filled mountain communities inspired by the state’s natural beauty.

Forks Burger

A Bass Lake Tradition:
Forks Burger

Sugar Pine Railroad

Sugar Pine Railroad:
All aboard

Tulare County

Fox Theater

Ag, ag & the Ag Expo

Known for towering trees, a giant ag expo and thick Tule fog, Tulare County is one of the largest counties in the San Joaquin Valley, taking up more than 4,800 square miles of land.

Grant Grove

Grant Grove:
A giant of a tale

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot:
In Three Rivers

Kings County


King of cows and cotton

A quick drive to Hanford, or further south, down toward Lemoore, will tell a lot about Kings County ó vast swaths of farmland, cotton, corn and dairies.

Soldier hugging children

The red, white, and blue


Soar like an eagle

Valley Facts